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    Route any asset to anyone across over 50 chains.
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    Secure Social Identity
    Secure Social Identity
    Unlock unique .0x names for seamless navigation across 50+ chains, craft your on-chain social identity, and effortlessly send and receive payments directly to your .0x.
    Cross Chain P2P Payments
    Cross Chain P2P Payments
    Multi Asset, multi dApp’s, peer 2 peer transactions and much more. Easily transfer value between friends.
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    Wallet Routing Manager
    Wallet Routing Manager
    Route your assets across many chains. Customize your wallets, and setup simple automatic flows
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    Manage all your wallets and apps. Securely route your assets your own way !
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    Seamless access to decentralized apps all in one location. Discover exciting new apps and widgets.
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    Convert cash to crypto and back with confidence. Retain control with secure self-custody for your peace of mind.

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